Hitoshi Doi's Gunbuster Synopsis

Episodes 1 & 2

I saw this a long time ago, so I forgot the details but..

Main Character is Takaya Noriko. Her voice is done by Hidaka Noriko, who also did the voice of Minami(Touch) and Akane(Ranma). The opening and closing songs are sung by Sakai Noriko (Nori-p). Noriko's father was a captain of a space ship and had gone out to space, and died 7 years ago(earth time). Noriko enters a school to learn how to drive(pilot) a robot. She had been learning for only one month and was the worst one in the school. But, Coach spots something in her and she is chosen to go out into space to battle the monsters that killed her father. One other girl is outraged because she thought that she would be chosen. She challenges Noriko to fight, and they fight in the school grounds.. Noriko wins!

In space, Noriko and One-sama meet the Soviet girl. They are challenged to a fight and they go into space to fight. [my memory is going.. please correct me if I'm wrong..] They discover an unidentified object passing close by at an incredible speed. Noriko and One-sama and Coach take the robots out and go investigate. It was the ship that Noriko's father had been on when he died! Noriko goes to the bridge to look for her father. Coach has to rescue her.

I don't remember the lessons to well..

One of them was about the space/time stuff trying to explain why Noriko had been away only 10 minutes (her time), but to everyone else it was 6 months. I forgot the other one..

Hitoshi Doi

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