Hitoshi Doi's Gunbuster Synopsis

Episodes 3 & 4

I finally got to see "Top wo Nerae! 2", Gunbuster 2, which contain episodes 3 and 4. It was GREAT! I would give it a score of 90. (3rd on my all-time list, behind Gundam II and Akira) The next, and final, video is supposed to come out sometime in the summer.

I will give away parts of it..


Episode 3:

Noriko meets Smith Torren. One-sama tells coach that she does not want to team up with Noriko. So Noriko teams up with Smith. They engage in their first battle against the space monsters. The robots go out into space and wait for the monsters. The monsters come at them at incredible speed. It's impossible to see them. Noriko seems lost. She doesn't know what to do. After 2 or 3 passes, the battle is over. Smith is nowhere!

Episode 4:

We learn that the monsters are want to destroy earth to kill all the humans. The special weapon Gunbuster is not fully completed. Noriko asks for special training from coach. The space monsters attack their ship during warp. They break out of warp and prepare to battle the monsters. Because there was some damage to some of the robots, Noriko does not get to fight. As the battle is going on outside, and Noriko is crying in her bunk, she decides that she is going to change, and goes out to battle in the Gunbuster. The captain of the ship tells her to stop, but the coach tells her to go for it. The Gunbuster is awesome and easily destroys the smaller monsters. Then, she goes for and defeats the "head" monster.

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