Hitoshi Doi's Gunbuster Synopsis

Episodes 5 & 6

Top wo Nerae! Gun Buster 3

Finally got to see it! This is great. Number 1 on my all-time list!

It didn't contain any of the "lessons" shorts that was included in the first two videos. I don't think there was even an opening song..

********** S P O I L E R S **********

episode 5


Noriko and Kazumi (Onesama) return to earth after defeating the space monsters. They get their graduation diplomas from their old high school. 10 years had already passed on earth. All of their friends had already aged 10 years. Noriko meets her friend Kimiko, who already has a 3 year old daughter.

2,500,000,000 space monsters had invaded into the edge solar system. Coach has a plan to send EXELION into the middle of the space monsters. By exploding the warp engine, a man made black hole will be formed and will suck in all the monsters.

Noriko and Onesama will go out with the Gun Buster and EXELION to execute Coash's plan. Even if everything works as planned, this will take 6 months, earth time. Coach is sick from a space-something disease and may not live another 6 months.

During the fight against the space monsters, Onesama breaks down and says that she doesn't want to go on. She says that even if they suceed, there will be noone left for her to go back to. She had not said "I love you" to Coach yet. But, Noriko talks her back into fighting and they defeat the monsters with the black hole.

Gun Buster hurries back to earth, and Onesama and Noriko rush back to Coach's hospital room.

episode 6 (this is in black and white)


15 years later, Noriko is still in space and her body is 18 or 19 years old. Onesama had remained on earth, married Coach, and is now 34 years old.

They have a plan to create another black hole in the middle of the galaxy to kill off the rest of the monsters. The people on earth had built a new Gun Buster model 3 which a HUGE bomb to create the black hole. It has a compressed Jupiter (to 1/30,000 of it's original size) in the middle!

The Gun Buster model 3 leaves earth with Onesama to meet up with the space fleet, which already has about 10,000 ships. A couple (or maybe several) minutes before they were going to start the explosion, 80 billion space monsters make an unexpected sudden attack on Gun Buster model 3. The earth fleet fights to protect their special weapon. After the fighting, there are only about 2500 ships left, but they defend the bomb ship.

The countdown goes down to zero, but the explosion doesn't occur. There is not enough power to start the explosion. In a few minutes another swarm of space monsters, this time 120 billion of them, will come attacking. So, Noriko and Onesama goes into the heart of the bomb to start the explosion by using one of the Gun Buster's engines (or something). It works and the huge black hole sucks away all of the space monsters and a lot of the galaxy.

12,000 earth years later, Noriko and Onesama's beat up Gun Buster returns to earth!

Hitoshi Doi

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