Aim for the Top!
Mecha / Ship / Alien Guide


The most advanced weapon created by man. Made up of separate vehicles Buster Machines 1 and 2, it had an impressive array of offensive and defensive weapons. Once under the command of Noriko, Kazumi and "Coachie's heart" it was virtually unstoppable.

A partial list of features:

  • lighting kick
  • buster missiles
  • homing lasers
  • buster shield
  • buster beam

RX Battlesuits

The original mobile suit used by the earth forces. It was relatively weak with a lighting staff as it's primary weapon. Due to its small size, it was easy prey for most of the aliens. The RX battle suits came in a variety of styles, often visually customized by squadron or individual pilot.

Sizzler Battlesuits

Mass produced Gunbuster suits. Much more formidable than the RX series, these weapons were essentially a scaled down version of the Gunbuster suit. Unlike the original which is comprised of two separate machines combined to one, the Sizzler series is a single robot form.

Gunbuster / Sizzler size comparison


The Exelion

The original flagship of the earth, it was built during Noriko and Kazumi's mission to investigate the returning ship Lukushiyun. After several engagements with the alien monsters, its warp core was detonated to stop the first massive invasion of the solar system.


The Eltrium

The second flagship of earth. It was originally built to serve as an evacuation ship for the human race and measures more than 70km in length. After earth went on the offensive against the aliens, it was recommissioned as the lead military vessel.


The Aliens

Little is really known about the aliens. Insect like in nature, they seem to exist naturally in space, destroying all that is in their way. They procreate by laying eggs into the hearts of stars. The eggs consume the star's energy and prematurely ages it. Apparently the only other sentient race in the galaxy, they are first encountered by Captain Takaya's fleet, which they quickly destroy.

The aliens come in many varieties. Some are similar in form to an insect or crab while others have less recognizable features. Like man made ships, the aliens come in carrier, cruiser and mothership types and even have a pointed spike variation used to impale space ships. The strangest type is a giant press that can crush the aliens enemies.

Alien ships