The Physics of the Gunbuster Universe

Taken from the opening to Episode 3.

For all you good children: the story thus far...

Comparing the similarities between quantum, mechanical partition function and statistical mechanical partition, function in ordinary forms the net quantum mechanical effect can be expressed as:

Z = { exp[i/hl]n[Ø]

If we interpret this as the fundamental relation, this is actually what Wall proposed and Yang and Mills expounded on in regard to the gauge theory and its result; i.e. the Weinberg-Salam theory unifying electromagnetic and weak interactions. The formation of a unified quantum mechanical theory can be concluded as the most correct interpretation of the ordinary form of the fundamental relation.

A good example in the classical interchange is the integral of the isospin resonance in the 10XX GeV region which affects the physical parameter Ø and the subatomic structures.

However, theories proposed to explain unsolved questions in the end of the last century which remain unsolved and uninterpreted include superstring theory, unitary singularity problem of the supersymmetry in Hilbert space and its local tensor problems.

According to Tannhauser's first paper, "Ether Elecromagnetical Study of Moving Particles" (Pacific Sciences), either corresponds to a particle in the Higgs field according to the Weinberg-Salam theory, where vacuum is defined to be the reference state (generally, particles with zero or integer spin follow the Bose-Einstein statistics, and particles with noninteger spin follow the Fermi-Dirac statistics. Planck constant and the universal gravitational constant are determined by n-dimensional internal pair decay in the spontaneous decay of highter dimensions due to their antisymmetric states).

If a conservation of the imaginary expansion is forced upon the scattering resonanace withich descibes the scatering mechanism, it becomes the analytic function in the imaginary plane. Tannhauser's scattering equation is obtained by by applying Corsi's integral theory to the previous result.

(Excerpt from Kazumi Amano's speech during the 2021 Japan High School Physics Debate Convention.)